Blue Circle Capital

As independent advisors, we assist corporations and entrepreneurs to maximise the equity value and assist them to transform their innovation into a viable strategy and fully financeable corporate solutions.

The concept and the aim behind Blue Circle Capital (by Riccardo Re) are incredible and dreamy. It’s the reason why we reviewed the project several times before catching the real essence of such pictured company: the end result is fluid.

Everything is well balanced, the home page opens with an original circular animation framing a mysterious message, the company’s core concept. The whole flow is studied to preserve a clean navigation alongside colours, well balanced between washed white, blue and grey. Blue Circle’s logo has been reviewed and re-designed entirely.

The objective is to give a superior image to users, quite at the edge between real and abstract, avoiding excessive elements. People should access and thinking “Wow”, while those understanding the message could also contact them, asking for more informations. The project has been possible only thanks to the EAweb‘s partnership.


Javascript, jQuery, Logo Design, Php, User Experience