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If you landed by chance, you can find an arguably qualitative activity around software  here. Xilab is a non pretentious development lab mainly on front-end. You will find a deeper about scrolling down. I hope you enjoy.

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Still sorting ideas and organising old contents.

Deeper about

Xilab is a software lab maintained by me since 2015. Lab is about experimenting, learning, ideating, mistaking around code and development. Lab also infers a creative soul touching topics as generative artsmachine learning and linking from software to domains beyond software.

I'm not a computer scientist. I'm a philologist fascinated by implications between Linguistics, Philosophy and software, as deep as those with Mathematics or Logics. I graduated at UNITUS (2007 - 2012), then I've grown as content / UX creator (2012 - 2014) and software developer (since 2014). My LinkedInTwitter and GitHub.

Besides personal projects, I help dudes from 2015 to build interfaces and applications, often e-commerce. If you need me, shoot an email.